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Fatalysia #4 Preview

It's been quite a while since last news about this project,ah?
Well,Fatalysia hasn't been forgotten,it's just that producing the next issue has taken some more time than expected —it happens sometimes with self-published comics,you know.
In the meantime,you can visit the official website,or more exactly,the Gallery.That section has been slightly upgraded and a full wordless preview of issue #4 has been added as well.And this issue has everything —some magic,action,a little romance...and dead characters.Really,you won't want to miss it.

Season Greetings!

Fatalysia Xmas 08

The weather is cold,there're people crowding the streets and shops,cheesy TV specials and one or two persons loving to hate the current general mood.So it seems is time again for sharing with you our annual Fatalysia greeting card

On behalf of Liam,Chris,Kit,the O'Lantern Brothers,Susan and the Scarecrow,I'd like to wish you awesome,safe and unforgettable festivities (whichever you like best).
And once again,thanks so much for your support in this adventure of magic,cursed scarecrows and girls that love them.

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Fatalysia Pixels

Season Greetings!

Fatalysia Xmas Card 07
As Winter is coming,seems like it's time for some Winter holidays —and time for our annual Fatalysia greeting card.
On behalf of Liam,Chris,the flower imps,Susan,Christan,the O'Lantern Brothers and the Scarecrow,I just want to wish you a great,safe and warm season.
And thank you for your support on this project and believing,along with us,that a Scarecrow indeed can be alive.

Whichever Winter holiday you celebrate (Christmas,Agnostica,Panquetzaliztli,Saturnalia,Hanukkah,Festivus,Fête des Fous,Kwanzaa,etc.),have an awesome time!
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Je Suis Mort

All Dressed Up...With nowhere to go?


A friend of mine used to tell me that I should try a career as a fashion designer.I wasn't sure about that yet I still enjoy drawing dresses like these.
Anyways,Fatalysia #3 is officially in the pre-production stage.Here's a sneak peek at some of what you'll see in that upcoming chapter.
A new look for an old character(s)? A new character(s) with an old look? Magic? Is nothing what it seems? Guess!