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24th-Dec-2010 12:07 pm - Most Happiest Holidays!
Fatalysia Pixels
Merry Xmas 10

Have an awesome and safe time!
3rd-Nov-2010 10:11 pm - Fatalysia News!
Fatalysia Pixels
Fatalysia #4 Preview

It's been quite a while since last news about this project,ah?
Well,Fatalysia hasn't been forgotten,it's just that producing the next issue has taken some more time than expected —it happens sometimes with self-published comics,you know.
In the meantime,you can visit the official website,or more exactly,the Gallery.That section has been slightly upgraded and a full wordless preview of issue #4 has been added as well.And this issue has everything —some magic,action,a little romance...and dead characters.Really,you won't want to miss it.
10th-Oct-2009 11:57 pm - 4
Fatalysia scarecrow-logo
 All of the art pages for issue 4 are in!  Awaiting the cover now.  There will be news of its availability soon.
24th-Jun-2009 10:48 am - news 6-24-2009
Flying Spaghetti Monster
It's about time for an update, isn't it? Here's a rundown of current developments in the world of Fatalysia.

Issue 4 is well underway. -U! has several pages completed, and as always, they look great, and I can't wait to see the finished product. If all goes according to plan, the issue should be ready September-ish or October-ish.

For those who did not know already, issues 2 (color Myke Amend cover version) and 3 are now available at Comixpress.

We are working to make issue 1 (last printed as The Memoria) available on the site, but we (or Chris, to be more precise/honest) are having to reformat the whole issue to fit their dimensions, etc. For those who already have a copy of The Memoria, a new printing with a new cover by -U! will soon be available.  So then you'd sort of have two of them.  You could... use one for a Fatalysia coloring book perhaps?  For those just joining us, a complete set will soon be available on Comixpress (and a Memoria version of issue 1 is still available on the Fatalysia website).

The script for Fatalysia 5 is underway.
4th-Mar-2009 11:23 pm - News 3-2009
Fatalysia scarecrow-logo
It's been ages since I've offered an update, so let's fix that now. There's a bit going on at the moment. Fatalysia #2 and #3 are now available in the store at Comixpress. We're reworking #1 so that it too can be offered there. We have begun preliminary work on #4; it should be ready to go by this year's Small Press Expo. We have an awesome guest cover artist lined up for it. The website is down at the moment (although it can technically be accessed here); the domain is in transit, so we're waiting around for it to wake up. Also available at Comixpress is Myke Amend's hilarious comic Some Ghouls Wander By Mistake. More updates soon!
23rd-Dec-2008 09:40 pm - Season Greetings!
Fatalysia Xmas 08

The weather is cold,there're people crowding the streets and shops,cheesy TV specials and one or two persons loving to hate the current general mood.So it seems is time again for sharing with you our annual Fatalysia greeting card

On behalf of Liam,Chris,Kit,the O'Lantern Brothers,Susan and the Scarecrow,I'd like to wish you awesome,safe and unforgettable festivities (whichever you like best).
And once again,thanks so much for your support in this adventure of magic,cursed scarecrows and girls that love them.

3rd-Dec-2008 09:35 am - Fatalysia For Sale
Behind The Flying Saucers!
Just letting youy know that Fatalysia #3 is already available for sale online --along with a new printing of issue #2 featuring a color cover.
You can get your comics at ye olde website shoppe.
17th-Oct-2008 10:00 pm - Some Ghouls Wander By Mistake
evil snowmen
Myke Amend is finally releasing the first issue of his comic. It's up for pre-sale on his website http://www.mykeamend.com . It can be previewed at http://www.someghoulswanderbymistake.com . Very funny stuff. Have a look.
4th-Oct-2008 10:05 am - Fatalysia #3 Full Preview
As Fatalysia #3 makes its public debut this weekend at SPX,the website's gallery has been updated with a slight redesign,a couple new illos (including guest art by David Jones of Johnny Bacardi fame) and a full wordless preview of said issue #3.
If you don't want to click and scroll all the way there,then click directly here for the issue #3 slideshow.
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